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I’m a Cowboys fan, first and foremost. But, I am also a fan and purist of football in general. From the day I could catch I played touch in the front yard and had countless games under my belt by the first time I strapped on pads in elementary school. When I stopped playing in my teens, I dove deeper into the nonphysical sides of football: coaching schemes, player contracts, and football’s role in society.

As I writer, I do not wish to hide my position, nor take away from any story with my opinions. My voice is realistic, not objective. As a positive thinker, I shine my light on the sunny side of the street. But when the breaks are tough, they won’t be whitewashed.

I was born in the tail end of the Landry era, raised during the 90’s glory days, and have become a part of the media covering the current squad. Despite the trials and tribulations the team and fanbase have endured in the last twenty years, the Dallas Cowboys look to return to greatness, bathed in the romantic light of yesteryear. That’s a story I can’t wait to tell.

Jason Garrett is my favorite thing about the Cowboys. I believe in him like he’s spreading the Good News. I like the attitude he brings to the organization. He respects his players, while creating a motivational environment that forces them to compete. The front office seems to have been whipped into shape under his tenure. The Process is a fantastic system for the modern football team, but is also applicable in other areas of life. I trust Jason Garrett and expect him to bring some really good Sundays to Cowboys fans in the near future. This topic will be revisited often.

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