This Week in Cowboy Football 4/4

It has been an eventful week for the Dallas Cowboys, especially considering the usual quiet this time of year. As is so often in life, the team’s action gave reason for satisfication, but also caution.

The biggest news of the week was the re-signing of middle linebacker Rolando McClain. His physical presence paired next to Sean Lee’s athleticism ought to be a dazzling sight this fall. A strong linebacking corps will aid the pass rush as well as the secondary. With McClain anchoring a now deep and talented unit, that expectation can be had. A group of the Cowboy fanbase are uneasy about the issues McClain has had, but they can be comforted by yet another team friendly deal. Should McClain have an issue that keeps him from playing, Hitchens, Wilber or Brinkley should be able to slide in keep things flush, while the team won’t be paying a player who isn’t playing.

In the financial side of things, Tony Romo restructured his contract yet again. The move opened up eight figures to cover expenses. Rolando McClain and Greg Hardy stand to command a good slice of the salary cap should they max out their performance on the field and vicariously their salaries. The rookie class will need about $5 million to get everyone signed. Now that Romo has helped open things up, there will be room to cover all this. If Hardy and McClain don’t pan out, the savings can help the team in the future. The worrisome side of Romo’s restructure fears the extended commitment to the franchise quarterback. Behind the young offensive line, he should be fine until he wants to retire. But if severe injury occurs this season and the tough-as-nails veteran somehow can’t go on, the team will be out more money. However, history has shown us that Tony Romo will do anything in his power to help the Dallas Cowboys. And let’s be honest, the team will be reeling no matter the situation when Romo hangs em up.

In an intriguing bit of news, the Cowboys signed a 6’6″, 250lb defensive lineman from the British American Football league named Efe Obada. With the wingspan of Jadaveon Clowney and an explosive burst that would impress most any coach at The Combine, he stands to be a serious talent if he can prove to be coachable. He is raw and new to the game, but will have time to learn. Possibly too much of a project for most teams, the former London grocer will have his shot with the Dallas Cowboys.