This Week in Cowboy Football 3/28

It’s been a slow week after the excitement that kicked off free agency. The team has not signed or released anyone this week. What news that hit the presses came from the owners’ meetings in Arizona. Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett have answered some questions, but no news of real importance was covered.

As the rules committee went over this year’s revisions, it was affirmed that under the tweaked rules going forward, Dez Bryant still did not catch the ball in Green Bay. Jason Garrett voiced his opinion on the matter. In classic form, he supported his players and the game, but found a way to make his case to the big wigs. Appealing to their wallets, he said the ruling “robbed the league of an instant-classic.” He knows how to get the attention of his boss and has delivered enough to earn more trust than his predecessors.

While many pour of draft analysis and highlight reels, others are assessing the roster to get an idea of what kind of player the team is looking for as they ready for the season at hand. The acquisition of Greg Hardy followed by Anthony Spencer’s public flirting with old fling Rob Ryan and his New Orleans Saints suggests the team feels set at defensive end. With Nick Hayden, Tyrone Crawford, Terrell McClain, Josh Brenth, Ken Bishop, Chris Whaley, and Amobi Okoye the team has plenty of bodies at defensive tackle. That turns the attention of the famous plan to fix the defense to the back seven. Sean Lee will be lining up on the weak side to preserve his health and Rolando McClain should sign a contract after the judgement is made on a possible 18-day jail sentence for the unfortunate middle linebacker. Plenty of depth at linebacker leaves the Cowboys only in search of a difference making starter. The secondary is where questions and open roster spots abound. It is there we can expect some new faces in the draft and afterwards.

On offense, the team will add depth at most every position outside of tight end. The right quarterback could be brought in to compete with Vaughn and Weeden. Another running back would only challenge the four currently on the roster and make the position extremely competitive. The top receivers in Bryant, Williams, and Beasley could use some insurance behind them. Lastly, the offensive line will return all five starters but be without the depth they did last season. Expect a big boy blocker and a ball carrier.

Division Watch
Across the division there has been slowed action as well. The Giants are quietly trying to get stronger and harness the magic they did four years ago, and four years before that. The Eagles are still the talk of the hype specialists and media spinners selling hope in a system so bizarre that “it must work”. The Redskins are still trying to dig themselves out of despair, but with little success as they seem happy to move on from the quarterback they gave up so much to acquire.